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In our beekeeping lab, we explore the world of bees, taking a full taste of Crete.

Let us guide you through the incredible world of bees and try together delicious beekeeping products!

With one visit to our lab…

…we will tour together in the production, standardization & packaging of our beekeeping products where with responsibility, care and always in accordance with all the rules of hygiene, we produce, standardize and package all our beekeeping products, from the apiθανο honey to the propolis, beeswax and the list goes on.

…we will travel in time and the old way of collection, standardization & packaging of honey to finish in today’s life where you will learn everything about the fascinating life of bees and our apiθανο products!

…you will taste different varieties of honey from all over Crete and many other unique products! At the same time, you will learn their nutritional value -and not only– value!

… you will learn about the major role of bees in the environment & human life and the importance of their protection, now more than ever.

You are always welcome to our lab!
It will be an honor to see you there!

Monday-Saturday: 10.00 - 18.00 EN
Sunday: Closed
Melidoni, Rethymno, Crete
P.C: 74052
- 6934290030